I have been fascinated by nature and landscape since I was a child. Living in different places and environments really has had a positive impact on me, and this has led me to reflect a lot about how the geography in which one lives affects one’s identity. Where I live presently (in the sandhills of southeastern North Dakota) is my sanctuary. I am fortunate to live in a place where I am surrounded by a rich variety of wildlife, landscape, seasons, and weather that awaken my senses and provide me with endless visual inspiration. As wonderful as that is at home, I still love exploring other landscapes and environments and integrating them into my work.

When I go out and draw, I feel connected with nature and energized by the essence and unique identity of the place. I usually begin by making observational sketches in graphite while I walk and explore. Then I develop interpretations of these places (or segments of them) through series or suites of mixed media works (including printmaking, photography, drawing, fibers, and painting). I combine source material from observation, memory, association, imagination, and experimentation with my perceptions in order to build works that are multi-layered in concept and technique. I very much enjoy merging the contradictions of the physical and conscious methods of the work with the mysteries of the creative process and my environment.



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